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Since 1948, the Manni Srl company has been carrying out the construction of hydraulic presses and plants in various sectors (wood, polyurethane, metals and materials in general). In recent years we have sold and installed more than 3000 systems both in Italy and abroad, reaching a prominent position in every sector. For over 10 years we have started a positive relationship with a technician who has passed on to us the skills acquired in 20 years of collaboration with leading manufacturers of presses for packing paper, cardboard and other recycled materials. In the last year we have sold and installed many presses and selection systems with innovative technical solutions that allow us to approach this market with competence and good opportunities for insertion. Our attitude is the result of the balance between accumulated experience and creativity in the conception and also the creation of new roads, all at the service of the customer with whom we always try to share needs and solutions.


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Continuous press for waste paper, with vertical / horizontal automatic binder patented hydraulic block with logic elements - electronic programmer for automatic control of all functions - "V" shaped knife and piloted narrow io which acts on all sides. The press is equipped with material retainers on three sides , to prevent it from returning after pressing. Particularly suitable in the medium-large corrugated cardboard industries and in the recovery industries, it combines the possibility of being fed by belt or cyclone with the possibility of being fed simultaneously with the two systems. Both the feeding and the packing phases are controlled automatically by photocells.


Pressa continua per cartaccia, con - legatoreautomatico verticale blocco idraulico ad elementi logici brevettato - programmatore elettronico per il controllo automatico di tutte le funzioni - coltello a *V” e strettoio pilotato che agisce su tutti lati.La pressa & dotata di trattenitori del materiale sui tre lati, per impedirne il ritorno dopo la pressatura.Particolarmente indicata nelle piccole industrie del cartone ondulato e nelle industrie del recupero, unisce alla possibilità di essere alimentata tramite nastro o tramite ciclone, quella di poter essere alimentata contemporaneamente con i due sistemi. Sia la fase di alimentazione che quella di imballo sono controllate automaticamente da fotocellule


The COMBI series was born from long studies on the possibility of obtaining a low-power machine installed with
large feed hopper. The automatic hydraulic presses of the COMBI series allow the packing of bulky materials such as cardboard boxes, plastic of all kinds, containers in general, leaves, etc. The COMBI series is particularly suitable
for HYPERMARKETS, PAPER INDUSTRY, PRINTING SHOPS or in any case companies with large waste.

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Selection plant

The environmentally friendly waste baler sorting plant is an ideal solution for efficient waste management. This system allows waste to be separated and compressed, thus reducing the overall volume and facilitating subsequent treatment and disposal.

The plant is designed to carefully select recyclable materials from municipal solid waste, separating plastic, paper, glass, metal and other materials efficiently. This selection process helps maximize resource recovery and reduce the environmental impact of waste.

The environmentally friendly waste baler sorting facility ensures safe and efficient baler operation
waste represents an innovative and sustainable solution for waste management
promotes recycling and contributing to the protection of the environment.

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