The polyurethane presses allow the creation of highquality and resistant products, thanks to their ability to apply a uniform andcontrolled pressure during the polyurethane polymerization process. Thisensures an even distribution of the material and a perfect adherence, guaranteeingthe durability and solidity of the final product.The precision of ourpolyurethane presses allows to obtain complex shapes and dimensions withaccurate details, satisfying the most specific needs of the customers.Furthermore, the versatility of our presses allows you to work with a widerange of materials, allowing you to adapt to different industrial applications.

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Our Profiles

Dedicated equipment designed and manufactured to meetparticular needs. Side profiles, flat profiles, male-female long or shortsides. Injection profiles with holes/plugs; header profilesNeed for fixing fasteners or side mold inserts andspecial plugs for vacuum assisted injection.

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