Discover our wide selection of accessories and consumables optimized for cold storage. We specialize in providing high quality products to ensure precise and safe installation of your walls and insulation boards. With our first-class hooks and accessories you will achieve an optimal hold and reliable thermal insulation. Our range of cold room products has been developed under strict quality and safety standards. We are committed to offering reliable solutions that allow you to create controlled and thermally isolated environments, guaranteeing the freshness and conservation of the products.

Our products

Universal hooks

We understand the importance of an efficient and durable installation in the cold storage and polyurethane industry. Our products are specially designed to simplify the fitting process and ensure a perfect fit and seal.

Universal Female Hook

the female element has a pin used for hooking.

Universal Male Hook

is a fastener for connecting panels: the male element has a swivel hook that can be operated with a special key

Compensator valve

The pressure compensating valves for cold rooms (patent pending) are produced in the TN (normal temperature) and BT (low temperature) versions, resistant up to -40° C, molded in cylindrical shape in plastic material (A.B.S.)

The functionality:

it is given by the displacement that the pressure exerts on the two internal balanced discs, allowing the opening and closing phases.


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they are tripod-shaped elements used to obtain the desired thickness of the panel (40 ÷ 200 mm). These elements support the upper slab without leaving marks on the surface of the finished panel.

Universal Ceiling Hook

Choose our superior cold storage and polyurethane products and create a strong and reliable structure. Contact us today to discover our full range of guides and consumables and to find the ideal solution for your specific needs. Invest in quality to ensure lasting and satisfying results.

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