The MVS system was conceived and perfected by three companies working together on this project: Cannon, Misa and Manni.

This technology consists in the closed-mould injection of polyurethane in a stably controlled vacuum. Injection under these conditions has several advantages:

  • Optimal cavity filling
  • Excellent finished panel quality
  • Material savings from reduced over-packing
  • Reduced cycle times with increased productivity

These advantages can be achieved keeping in mind the following factors:

The product (panel or other) must be designed to take into account the process specificities.

  • Extreme care during pre-foaming piece preparation
  • Specific foam formulation
  • Highly reliable and controllable equipment (wet and dry)
  • Close collaboration between suppliers and customers

Patents registered in a variety of countries by Misa, Manni and Cannon cover various aspects of this technology. The Cannon commercial network is present worldwide for in-depth discussion and development of panel production projects using this technology.