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VACUUM RETROFITTING: What does it mean

VACUUM stays for

In closed injection pouring, what if the injected cavity is maintained at certain level of controlled vacuum during injection and reaction, and is used a tailored polyurethane formulation?

The result is a cutting-edge solution which gives:

1. Shorter demoulding time till 40% (especially for high thickness panels, i.e. 80mm and more)

2. PU consumption savings due to a reduced density till 7%

3. Thermal insulation performance improvement till 5%

4. High quality filling of the panel.

The task regarding the press and the side moulds is to reach, keep and control the optimal vacuum level in the cavities to be injected.


Up to now, in order to run with vacuum, a press must be manufactured with all the items allowing this technology: for example the press platens need to be manufactured with holes in order to extract the air from the cavity; also the dimensions of the press platens must be larger than standard. Later modifications on a not prepared press are too heavy and not advisable.

From now on, it becomes possible to retrofit a normal, not prepared press. The VACUUM RETROFITTING KIT installation makes your press able to run with vacuum taking all the advantages of this technology and avoiding all the troubles of heavy modifications.