The open-mould foaming system is an example of one of the most advanced technologies applied to discontinuous insulating panel production. The casting of the foam into the open cavity allows an ideal density distribution with great advantages for mechanical resistance and insulation capacity.

Since the product is distributed over the entire surface of the panel, the foam only has to expand vertically, providing considerable reductions in extraction times and packing degree, thus allowing a further reduction in raw material consumption. In many cases (e.g. large panels with reduced thicknesses or with complex shapes or internal inserts that may obstruct the injection in a closed mould), the open-mould foaming is the only technology possible for the creation of quality panels.

The most common system configuration is the so-called 2+05, and, in practice, it consists of a trolley press where two trolleys are dedicated to foaming while the third is used for the press loading of the upper panel sheet.