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Manni Srl was founded in the late ’40s specializing in   the production of hydraulic controlled presses for the nascent craft furniture industry, with the company able to meet the changing needs of the sector by proposing new presses capable of processing polyurethane resins.

For about twenty-five years, Manni Srl has diversified its production by turning its research to the development and implementation of facilities and technologies in the field of injected polyurethane. Today, Manni Srl is the only company entirely devoted to the production of discontinuous machines and systems for insulating panels, and, for this reason, it is the ideal partner in indentifying the most efficient and effective solutions. Over the years, we have gained an outstanding positioning in every sector, both in Italy and abroad. The approach of Manni Srl is the result of the achievement of the right balance between accumulated experience, creativity in innovation and the creation of new opportunities and applications, with a particular focus on energy savings, and all at the total service of the customer, with whom we work as a team, sharing needs and solutions.

Manni in the world Since 1948, the company Manni Srl has operated in the following sectors:

Design and construction of hydraulic presses

Waste presses

Paper, card and mill presses

Waste baling presses

Eco-bale presses

Specialized facilities

Waste selection facilities

Manni deals with a great variety of materials: wood, polyurethane sandwich panels, fibreglass and polystyrene bonding, recyclable materials, industrial and solid waste packing, RDF, MSW, cardboard and waste from pulper processing, nylon, plastics in general, containers for liquids, bottles, PET, alfalfa, various types of feed and pomaces.

A company section deals with mechanical carpentry, machine tool machining, electrical systems and software, with internal production departments and specialized personnel.

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