Derived from the standard concept of hydraulic press and technically adapted to the needs of polyurethane injection applications, these presses represent the ideal solution when it is necessary to limit the total volume of investments. These multi-compartment presses can be equipped with automatic systems for panel loading and unloading.

Foaming technology: closed-mould
Plane dimensions: up to 5×2.5 and more common 3.5×1.5
Number of compartments: up to 4 or 5
(most common compartment dimension 150-200mm)
Specific pressure: from 1.5 to 2 kg/cm²
(common values)

The panels must be self-supporting or tray-supported.

Handling in and out of the press by automatic or manual lift for self-supporting panels or trays. For other dimensions, pressures, sizes and compartment numbers, please ask our Technical Office for more information.

Suitable for customers who want to start producing panels while keeping investment costs down, and those who want a dedicated press for tests, pre-series and new products, where high productivity numbers are not yet required.